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Modelling the Energy Transition

We would be delighted to discuss your modelling requirements and possibilities for working together. Energy Reform is happy to work as part of a wider consortium or as a single supplier.

who we are

Our Specialist Modelling Expertise

Energy Reform have a broad toolset and expertise for carrying out a wide range of system analyses including

  • Security of Supply Analysis using methodologies specifically suited to accounting for the impact of variable renewable technologies
  • Market modelling, price forecasting and production cost modelling using advanced stochastics
  • Multi-market and multi-timescale modelling to simultaneously model futures, day-ahead, intraday and balancing markets
  • Long term investment planning modelling utilising specific methodologies to account for the impacts of variable renewables and sector coupling including:
    • Transmission, generation and storage investment planning
    • Co-optimisation of short-term operations and long-term investments and storage to account for variable renewables and sector coupling
    • Impact of sector coupling technologies such as hydrogen and power to X
  • Multi-sector energy systems modelling: with increasing shares of renewable generation and increased electrification the potential of hydrogen and power to X technologies need specific models and methodologies to capture the increased interactions between sectors, timescales and across regions. As a core member of the Spine project consortium, Energy Reform has specific expertise in this area.
Multi Energy Modelling
Our Services

Services Provided

Power and Energy System modelling

Next-generation modelling methodologies and tools to capture the full impacts and opportunities of the energy transition.


Energy Reform has the experience and expertise to provide support your business in the exploiting the opportunities of the energy transition 


Our model developers and experts can provide specialist training to help your business profit from a wide range of open source modelling tools, particularly the Spine Energy System Modelling Framework

Bespoke Model and Tool Development

Leveraging the Spine open-source modelling framework, our expert team of software and model developers can develop bespoke modelling tools specifically tailored to your business. 

Professional Support

We can provide professional support to your business in deploying, configuring and leveraging the Spine open-source energy system modelling framework.

Research and Development

We are continually developing new methodologies and tools to better model future energy systems. We are always looking for new partnerships and projects.


What some of our clients have to say

Keith McGrane CEO Corre Energy

Keith McGrane

CEO Corre Energy
Energy Reform has carried out a number of ground breaking value demonstration studies for our business over the last 11 years resulting in over €110m in secured grant funding. Energy Reform has been a key partner in our success.
Mark Rheinlander CEO Carbon 280

Mark Rheinlander

CEO and Founder Carbon 280
Energy Reform's modelling capabilities have been key in demonstrating the feasibility of Hydrilyte(TM), our innovative and patented technology for transporting and storing hydrogen safely at ambient temperature and pressure.
Frank Kreikebaum Smart Wires

Frank Kreikebaum

SVP Smart Wires
Smart Wires provides a range of modular power flow control solutions that are unlocking grid capacity in energy systems around the world today. Energy Reform has demonstrated the value of our technology via proof of concept studies that paved the way for deployment of our solutions in Europe.