Impacts of operational detail of investment decisions

Long-term Hydrogen Storage in the Irish Energy System

This project used Spine to model different potential hydrogen pathways and requirements for seasonal storage with a focus on the island of Ireland. A comprehensive model of the European power and energy system was used to achieve realistic modelling of interconnector flows. A more detailed model of Ireland, including reserves, inertia, DC interconnectors, etc, investigates different investment options for different scenarios of adoption of hydrogen as a fuel source across sectors.

Study Results Showing Optimal Technology Investments Across a Range of Scenarios

Investment options included CCGT, CCGT-CCS, OCGT, grid-scale batteries, wind and solar generation, as well as underground and above ground hydrogen technologies (HCAES). Hydrogen penetration scenarios include, the ‘Global Ambition’ scenario considered in ENTSO-E’s TYNDP 2020, a high fuel price scenario, a scenario where a portion of the gas grid is converted to 100% hydrogen, and a ‘technology-breakthrough’ scenario where hydrogen technologies (electrolysers, generators, storage) are assumed to reach lower costs and increased efficiencies. 

Hydrogen storage trajectories from Spine case study C3

This project demonstrates Energy Reform’s expertise in using the full potential of the Spine software suite, as well as addressing some of the key challenges for energy transition and decarbonisation at European level.


European Comission

Completion Date

September 2021


Study design and execution